80% off Sailec by Type Dynamic Until September 6th, 2014.

Somewhere between the Helveticas, Futuras and Proxima Novae, exists Sailec. Sailec is neither approachable, nor offensive, but excruciatingly neutral. Which may fit the bill perfectly in cases where exhibiting any sort of character – even modestly – is undesirable.

7 weights + italics for less than $35.

Sailec is a very clean typeface inspired by type foundry of the International Typographic style. The low contrast makes it very interesting in display. The Sailec family includes 7 weights, from Hairline to Black, with their corresponding italics. Each font includes OpenType Features such as Stylistic Alternates, Proportional Figure, Tabular Figures, Numerator, Superscript, Denominators, Scientific Inferiors, Subscript, Ordinals, Ligatures and Fractions. It’s a totally neutral typeface.

50% Off True North by Cultivated Mind Until August 9th, 2014.

True North is a vintage inspired typeface with 16 styles and a monoline script. True North comes with labels, extras and free banners. Extras include wild animals, catchwords, numbers, symbols, tools, maple leaves and trees.

True North is a headline font with alternate capitals. Combine all 16 styles with the script, banners, labels and extras and you get a wonderful vintage design.

True North Script is a playful, fully-connected monoline script full of ligatures and alternate forms. Its wide range of international characters and alternate use of the power of OpenType automatically creates the feel of hand-lettering.

90% Off Adagio Sans, serif or slab by Mateusz Machalski Until September 3rd, 2014.

18 styles (9 weights + italics) for  $27 per. You can score a pretty swell workhorse family here for less than $90. Which is about as ridiculous as it gets for such a functional, complimentary suite of type like this. Regardless of your particular tastes, I think you’ll find it tough to argue with what’s presented here.

The Adagio Family is a part of Mateusz Machalski’s, Warsaw Academy of fine arts Master Degree Diploma in multimedia studio, conducted by Professor Stanisław Wieczorek and his brave PHD Jakub Wróblewski. Adagio is a modern type family. It consists of 3 main varieties: sans, serif and slab. Each one of them has it’s own “true italic” set. All of the styles together have over 400 characters in 9 different thicknesses. The Adagio family was created mostly for company identities. The idea was to create a wide range of different varieties which are stylistically consistent.

Savage 89 font Latinotype bundle over hypefortypefoundry​ right now for a paltry $35.

No idea how long they’ll make this bundle available.

6 different typeface families that run the gamut in terms of style… Everything from hand-rendered whimsy (DIY-Time & Showcase) to staid/functional print copy (Australis Pro) are represented here.

Whether you’re in love with everything in this package or not, the value is indisputable.

80% Off Loew by The Northern Block Until August 23rd, 2014.

Loew is a geometric sans serif font influenced by the methods of the early industrial designer’s. Pure mechanical shapes are carefully adjusted to give the characters the right form, function and usability. These subtle human touches combined with the technical detail provide great readability at both large and small point sizes. Loew is a versatile sans serif font with simple and honest geometry aimed at a wide range of modern applications. Details include over 800 characters with alternative lowercase a, e and g. Seven variations of numerals, true small caps with accents, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.

75% Off Filson Pro by Olivier Gourvat (Mostardesign) Until August 3rd, 2014.


As far as geometric sans type goes these days, Filson seeks to deliver a little more distinction & character v. simply apeing the best in class. (Proxima Nova, Gotham, Soleil and the like…)

I don’t know how I feel about the wacky R and K situation here, but at least it feels fresh? Like DStype’s Estilo, but not at the expense of its general functionality.

Open counters & bowls; exaggerated curves and generally short & wide proportions all serve to capture a friendly, approachable appearance throughout.

8 weights + italics for not a lot of cash money dollars.

75% Off Andes Rounded by Latinotype Until August 16th, 2014.

Andes Rounded, designed by Daniel Hernández, is a display typeface that has neo-humanist characteristics. Its different terminals, among other elements, give it a look of mixed typography. 

Andes is a typeface with 10 Upright weights, 10 Italics & Condensed versions, ranging from Ultra Light to Black, each of the same x-height. This typeface contains additional italic glyphs (a, y, z, g) that help to emphasise text or words. Andes is based on the design of Merced and both of them share several features. 

This type is well-suited for use in retail, magazines, logotypes, books, etc.

Ahmet Altun is Running 90% Off both Halis Grotesque, and its rounded variation over myfonts again until August 14th, 2014.

Check it out if you’re into that mid-century geo-sans vibe that HVD blew up a few years back with their top 5 entrenched Brandon Grotesque.

At 90%, Halis covers a ridiculous amount of ground considering the damn-near-free discount price. Tough to argue with the value here, coming in at just shy of $20 for 32 fonts.

35% Off Peaches & Cream by Fenotype Until August 14th, 2014.

Peaches and Cream is a bold brush style script family of three weights, ornament set and an all caps font. Peaches and Cream is equipped with plenty of OpenType features: To activate the alternates click on Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates in any OpenType savvy program or manually select the characters from Glyph Palette. 

Combine Peaches and Cream with Peaches and Cream Ornaments and Peaches and Cream Caps to complete your designs. 

Peaches and Cream is an effective font for creating ambitious headlines, logos & posters with a custom-made feeling. 

80% Off Modernica by Latinotype Until August 3rd, 2014.

Leave it to the folks at Latinotype to breathe new life into a typically tired/staid class of type. Modernica packs about as much character into a grotesque as you can without impacting its core functionality.

Modernica is an excellent tool that provides a large range of possibilities in design work. It is a sans serif font that contains eight weights plus matching italics. All Modernica typefaces include a set of small caps, ligatures, contextual alternates, modern and old style figures, superscript and subscript, numerators and denominators, among other OpenType features. 

Modernica is the extension of the Mazurquica family, a condensed grotesque font created to be used in titles looking for impact. Based on the Mazurquica structure, it was designed as a new font for both headlines and continuous text. Modernica seeks to go beyond the grotesque style, — a style that perhaps looks coarse on occasions, maybe for its excessive geometric feel — and instigate a more fluid and friendly structure while remaining solid in its use.

50% Off Marianina Extended FY by Fontyou Until August 3rd, 2014.

After Marianina FY (Normal and Condensed) discover Marianina Wide a new big sans-serif family of 24 fonts. With its very particular inktrapes, subtle in light versions and more visible in the black ones, each roman (wide and x-wide) has 6 weights and also exists in italic. Marianina is a perfect contemporary font family for small and big text sizes.

Marianina Wide FY was created by Alisa Nowak & Fontyou Team on co-create.fontyou.com, the first collaborative type foundry.

90% Off Juhl by The Northern Block Until August 2nd, 2014.

If you’ve followed the foundry for any length of time, you’ll know that well-crafted, hardcore geometric sans type – executed with near-robotic precision – is pretty much their bread & butter. Juhl doesn’t deviate.

90% ($15) for all 16 styles is about as ridiculous as it gets.

A geometric sans serif typeface, the square horizontal structure is evenly balanced with smooth curves and arcs producing a clean, distinct font ideal for both print and on screen uses. Further enhancements to improve legibility with the use of consistent stroke contrast and tapered diagonal angles.

Details include eight weights and italics, 600 characters, Cyrillic, five variations of numerals, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.

35% Off Sanelma by Mika Melvas Until August 2nd, 2014.

Just another fantastic brush script by Mika Melvas is all. Even the all-caps (typically ill-advised with most of these) are fantastic. Bonus points for the excellent specimen pieces as well – really helps sell it.

Sanelma is a brush script inspired by Hot Rod lettering and sign painting. Sanelma is a very versatile script: It includes two different styles of end swashes, swash caps, small caps, lots of alternate characters and underline option. All in all it has over 1,200 glyphs.

Sanelma is bouncy and smooth and has a very organic feel. You have lot of options to customize it and that makes it perfect for logos, packages and titles.