70% Off Lolita by Latinotype. A playful,humanist sans with signpainting/brush influence.

Definitely different, and would require a pretty specialized context to really shine/be appreciated for what it is. Despite its playful/casual  appearance though, it really is remarkably well-crafted… None of the 10 weights feels clumsy or out-of-whack, and a nice rhythm is retained throughout… All-caps even look great, and despite pulling in some deco detail (the super low crossbars mostly) don’t feel forced in the slightest.

All told, I’m really digging what’s going on here with the casual/sans hybrid vibe… I just don’t know when/where/if I’d get around to using it in a project effectively?

Anyways: 10 upright-only weights for $56 so it is pretty low-risk at its current price tag.